What I Learnt While Preparing For My Long Term Travel

What I Learnt While Preparing For My Long Term Travel

After deliberating for months together, I mustered up enough courage to chuck my job and go on a long term travel sojourn. I have wanted to travel and visit new places for as long as I can remember but work and other commitments kept me from taking the plunge. But over the past few years I had a feeling that I was not progressing, not just in work but life in general. I was feeling despondent and I had to take the step that I wanted but dreaded. However, once I decided that I had to go it was a great relief and I planned and proceeded to various countries and had a great time before returning. I again plan to go on a trip a few years from now, if possible, I also plan to have my own travel blog and if the income is good I will make it my main area of focus. Anyway a lot has been said about me, what I want to tell below is my experiences while preparing for my trip and how it can help you if you are also planning something like me.

  • Plan your finances first. You will be spending money like water when you are traveling. You may have budgets but you will find that initially adhering to them would be very difficult. You will be spending so much without even thinking. But over time you will learn to find places where you can get the same things for less. You will stop visiting costly places, you will, in short learn to adhere to your budget.
  • Check your documents and documentation. You should have at least six months validity on your passport to get relevant visas to travel. Some countries do not need visas but most do, so check the visa requirements before your trip.
  • I travelled to Africa as I wanted to see The Great Migration, my trip included Tanzania and Kenya and I was advised to get vaccinated for Yellow Fever. I later learnt that the immigration authorities first check the vaccination record before checking the passports, so get your vaccinations done. Check the websites of the countries you are visiting and they mention the vaccinations that are required. Some vaccinations need few booster shots, so get them well in advance.
  • Remember that you are going to return after your trip, hence do not give away your things, rent public storage Chicago and keep your things there. You can retrieve them when you return from your trip.
  • Always travel light, do not carry too much luggage as it can cause injuries.


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