Two States: Plan your Delhi to Mumbai holiday

Two States: Plan your Delhi to Mumbai holiday

Going from the national capital to the financial one? We’ve got tips on booking the best trip.

Mumbai is one of the fastest cities in the world. If you are headed to Mumbai from Delhi in a few weeks, and are about to look for flights from Delhi to Mumbai, look no further. We present a few pointers on planning the trip well.

*Get the best flights between Delhi and Mumbai

Your journey begins with booking flight tickets, so let’s get you started on looking at flights between Delhi and Mumbai. It is common knowledge that booking your flight about two months or up to three weeks before your departure date can get you lower ticket prices and some really awesome deals. However, flights between Delhi and Mumbai are normally busy during the year, so tickets fly off the shelves quite soon – get cracking on booking the best flights as soon as possible. We suggest booking a weekday afternoon slot from Delhi; afternoon slots are normally available on the best airlines.

* Leave early to beat the traffic

Delhi faces severe traffic snarls in the morning and evening rush hours, and woe betide the person that has a flight to catch but traffic to face first. You are expected to report to the airport two hours before a domestic flight departs, but we suggest leaving early so that you can get to the airport and wait there instead of waiting in your car.

* Do a web check-in to save time

Another way to save time on a rushed flight between Delhi and Mumbai is to do a web check-in a day earlier. This way, you confirm your presence on the flight and also get to choose your preferred seat before you even get to the airport. Leading airlines offer a web check-in up to 48 hours before your flight departs.

* Hire a cab at Mumbai airport to get to your place of stay

The great thing about arriving at Mumbai is that you get a wide choice of public and private transport to reach your place of stay. You can book an AC cab right outside the airport, or a private cab from your phone app. If you are headed to a nearby location, just hop into an autorickshaw outside the terminal, or take a public bus.

* See the sights in Mumbai

Fast, exciting, exhilarating…Mumbai is all these epithets and more. There is so much to experience in the city of Bollywood. Do make a pit stop at all the famous destinations: the Siddhivinayak Temple, Babulnath, Prithvi Theatre, Film City, Marine Drive, Elephanta Caves, National Park, Byculla Zoo, Azad Maidan, etc.


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