The Bergisel Ski Jump in Innsbruck – 3 Things to See and Do

The town of Innsbruck is located in western Austria just miles from the German border. If you haven’t heard of Innsbruck, just thinking about ski jumps will get you there. It is the famous world capital of winter sport and not only; two of the world’s Winter Olympics have been hosted by Innsbruck. So if you’re planning to go on the winter holidays in Europe, Innsbruck must be in the top 3 choices.

Innsbruck is the capital city of Tyrol and also it is the fifth largest city in Austria, and the airport is fully functional, so airport transfers in Innsbruck are also available around the clock. But once you arrive, even if the FIS World Cup is on schedule or not, what can you do in Innsbruck?

FIS World Cup

If you’ve landed in Innsbruck during the ski jumps events, then you’re lucky. You can witness the almost extreme, but serious sport of alpine skiing competitions. If you’re even luckier, you can even catch a glimpse of ski jumpers at the Bergisel tower where almost every year, the world cup of ski jumping takes place.

As a friendly reminder, if you wish to ski for yourself, there are lots of ski resorts across Innsbruck and they are opened every day during winter time.

The Alpine Zoo

The alpine zoo is also a place to visit if you’re a wildlife lover. The zoo has almost any animal that you can find in the mountains surrounding Innsbruck and not only. Wolves, brown bears, and lynxes are to be seen at the zoo. Also, some species are released back into the wild thanks to the help of the zoo with its breeding programs.

The zoo is not only home for large mammals, but also for birds of prey like the bearded eagle and the golden eagle.

The Town Center

The town of Innsbruck has lots to offer in terms of visiting museums, eating some fine food at the many restaurants scattered across Innsbruck and getting some awesome views from the city tower.

The tower is located in the city center and it can be climbed any day from morning till dawn. The tower is 450 years old and has 133 stairs and once you get on the top, the view of all of Innsbruck will open before you.

If you’re a fan of climbing and hiking across the mountains, you can try to conquer the Hafelekar summit, but with the proper climbing equipment if you are planning to do this in winter.

You can also visit the city center and witness the wonderful and almost medieval architecture on Herzog Friedrich Street and pay a small fee to visit the museums that have very rare pieces of art. You’re thinking if you can shop in this town? There is only one place that has it all and it is named Kaufhaus Tyrol. It is the only mall in Innsbruck and be careful not to end in a shopping spree.


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