Rushing Passport in USA – Some Tips and Suggestions

Rushing Passport in USA – Some Tips and Suggestions

The importance of US passport was never undermined. However, with each passing day, the passport carries immense value not only for international traveling but also for establishing identity and nationality of an US citizen. This is the reason that the numbers of passport application have increased rapidly over the years as everyone is in a hurry of acquiring one.

How to get a passport – this is probably the most common question that comes up when one looks for a new passport. If you have ample time in your hand, you can go through the normal process of applying for passport. After the process of application is complete, it will take few weeks for the passport to be processed. However, if you are in hurry, you will need to avail expedited services for getting the passport in the shortest possible time. There are services where you can get the passport within the same day of application.

Cases when expedited passport services are needed

As mentioned above, there are many a times when you do not have much time in hand for acquiring a passport and you need the same at the soonest. This might also stand applicable for passport renewal. Situations where expedited services might be needed will vary from one individual to another. Enlisted below are some such situations:

  • When you need foreign visa in 4 weeks – You might need using expedited passport services if you have a trip to some foreign country in a short period of time. With the expedited passport service, you will have the document in your hands and you can apply for the visa without any kind of hassle. Getting a visa usually takes about 2 weeks and if you have a month left in your hand before departure date, you still have 15 days in your hands. Thus, you can have the passport as well as the visa well in time for your journey.
  • You might need the passport right now–There are many instances in life which can be termed as acute emergency situations. And you might need a passport immediately for the same. It might happen that someone is critically ill and you have to travel internationally immediately. You will need a passport for that. A death in the family might also be a reason for immediate travel. Arrange in a way so that you can get the passport at the soonest.
  • When there is need of passport in less than 6 weeks–If you go by routine way of applying for a new passport, it might take up to 6 weeks for the passport to come. However, it might happen that you need the passport in an emergency before a period of six weeks and in that case you have to avail expedited services. You might not be in great hurry, but again waiting for more than 6 weeks might be too much for you.

Reasons why passport expeditor is a good option

Many people think that getting a passport quickly is the only reason why people look for expedited passport services. Though this is the main reason, there are many other reasons behind availing these services. It has been seen that in USA, if you expedite your passport via a registered passport agency, the costing would be less than double of what the government charges for issuing a passport via the normal method.

However, the charges of expeditors vary from one another. If you are in real hurry of getting the passport, you might end up paying more charges for the services. Some other reasons are also enlisted below:

  • Personalized services are offered by most passport expediting agencies
  • Long delays in getting passport can be averted successfully with the help of these agencies
  • Though the charges of the agencies might be little more, yet they seem to be cost-effective when thought of many other aspects
  • These agencies help in freeing up lot of your time as they handle lots of things on their own

Choose a reliable agency for expedited passport services and get your passport well in time.


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