How to Pick a Venue for Corporate Events

If you’ve ever organized a corporate event, you probably know that finding the perfect venue is the most challenging part of the job. There are usually many factors you have to consider so that the site accommodates all your guests.

Depending on the nature of the event, picking the right venue will ensure that the mood and atmosphere are perfect for the occasion. It’ll also play a significant role in determining the success of the event.

It is therefore crucial that you pick out the right venue. But how can you do that with so many factors to account for?

In this article, I will share with you four important factors to consider.

1.     The Location

An event’s location is the most critical aspect of the occasion. Depending on the environment, the location can quickly kill the event or make it a huge success.

You should, therefore, choose carefully. The easiest way to start looking for a location is by taking people’s opinions on the venues of the corporate events they’ve been to and how they experienced it.

You should then visit each location, with a complete list of the factors you are looking for. The location should be easily accessible by most means of transport and have adequate parking space for the guests to park.

Its layout should also be simple yet elegant and should be able to accommodate all the visitors you are expecting.

2.     Facilities and Amenities available

Whether you are planning for a meeting seminar, an anniversary celebration, team building, or even a fundraising party, the venue should have facilities to suit the activities to take place.

If you are to have a seminar or meeting, does the venue have adequate rooms for it? Are there audio-visual tools such as projectors and whiteboards? Does the place offer complimentary wi-fi for easier communication and research?

When you are having a team building event or celebrating your anniversary, does the venue offer fun facilities? Is there a pool, gym, a tennis court, or an entertainment center for kids?

The venue you choose should provide you with such facilities. In modern hotels such as the Indonesia Jakarta hotel, there is an incorporation of both leisure activities and corporate venues for your meetings.

Therefore, in such a hotel, you can mix your meetings with a touch of pleasure to ensure that everyone has fun.

3.     Food and Beverages

In any event, the highlight of the day for most people is the presence of food and drinks. Since most of your guests are mostly tired from their journey and the long meetings, some food is expected.

You should thus check to ensure that the venue you book, offers catering services, and can manage to cater for the large numbers you expect.

Venues that offer catering services tend to be much cheaper than hiring your caterers hence saving the company extra costs. You should, however, get to know how they prepare their foods, and where it is prepared from, to avoid poisoning your guests.

4.     Extra Services

The venue to choose should offer some free extra services. For corporate events, some venues will provide free drinking water, a free pen, and notebook, or even their cleanup crew.

These extra services can be beneficial in reducing the costs you are to incur. You should check some of their packages and look for the packages that’ll give more services for the least amount of money.

Venues that offer packages help manage most of your activities and reduce the tasks that you had to plan for. Some packages may provide a short sight-seeing tour of the venue, while others offer free snacks for the guest.


Corporate events can be very stressful to organize if you are not satisfied with the kind of venue you have. Regardless of the occasion, you need to ensure that the location is right, amenities are available, there are food and drinks and also some extra services for free.

With these factors at hand, finding the venue will be much easier, and hence, you will organize a successful event for the company.


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