How To Get Cheap Car Rental In Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

How To Get Cheap Car Rental In Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Every year hundreds of thousands of people travel to the US through Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Of these a large percentage are tourists and businessmen/women requiring car rental. But it is easy to be overcharged by car rental companies that prey on people who don’t know the local currency or normal rental prices in the area. These are a few steps to allow you to get the cheapest car rental in Dallas-Fort Worth airport:

Book ahead

The first tip I would suggest is to always book ahead. Not only are you more likely to get deals and better prices it will give you an idea of what local prices are. Research beforehand can save you a lot of money in the long run

Book away from the airport

Car rental companies know their market. Premiums are added to rental prices at airports as demand is highest there. It is normally cheaper to book with a company offside. Dallas-Fort Worth airport is not far from the city where prices will be lower

Skip car insurance, if possible

Now car insurance is always a necessity when driving in the US. But you may find that your insurance company back home covers you when driving rental cars, so give them a call or check your policy.

Car rental comparison websites

Companies such as Expedia and offer car rental comparison websites that will look for the best deals for you. even offers additional discounts and special offers for young drivers.

Use discount codes

Many people looking to rent will be travelling for business. Some of the larger rental companies (enterprise for example) will offer discounts for businesses. Your company may already have a go to Rental Company that they get discounts so check with your trip organizers first. Students also get discounts and members of certain car insurance companies too.

Air ticket deals

There are various airlines that run into Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Check before you buy your air ticket to see if any offer air ticket and car rental together as this will normally be cheaper.

Refundable bookings

Refundable booking give you much greater flexibility. You can book the first good deal that you find, and then if you find a better one just cancel it! Most car rental companies offer this.

Economical cars

If you are renting for long periods, or travelling long distance, you’re likely to go through a fair bit of fuel. Companies are starting to list car statistics online, including fuel consumption. This can save you a great deal with modern fuel prices.

Use one driver

It can be a pain being the only person to be doing all the driving. But if you’re looking to save money having only one person on the rental agreement can save you at least 25% if not more.


Remember car rental agents will always try and get you to pay for the highest rental possible. Do you really need that GPS, breakdown cover or map of the local area? Certainly things like GPS and maps can be done using most of today’s phones.

So there you have it. Use these tips and you should always be able to find the cheapest car rental for you. There is no excuse for getting overcharged now! Enjoy your stay in Dallas.


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