Hidden and Secert Attractions in Aswan Tombs of The Nobles

Hidden and Secert Attractions in Aswan Tombs of The Nobles

Located on the western bank of the Nile, opposite Aswan is one of the oldest tombs in Egypt. The tombs are referred to them as “Tombs Of The Nobles” or Qubbet El-Hawa, they are rock-cut tombs dating back to the old kingdom which makes them one of the oldest tombs to be ever discovered in Egypt that you can visit during your Egypt tours. They were the final resting place of some of the most powerful nobles, official and govners the keepers of the southern gates. The tombs contained family complexes carries various descriptions and wall paintings & decorations that remained intact throughout the middle and new Kingdom, that’s why they were able to highly important information about the daily Life of the Egyptians and learn more about hieroglyphic.

The Temple of Kalabsha

The temple of Kalabsha is one of the most unique temples, it is located 50 Km south of Aswan on the west bank of the Nile and was built in 30 BC During the Roman Era in the reign of Emperor Augustus. The temple is one of the best examples of Egyptian Architecture in Nubia, as it was dedicated to a Nubian Sun God call Mandulis (Merul), it also has carvings of horus on its inner walls. The Temple was shortly used as church during the Coptic Era. The temple was moved to a different location because of the rising waters of Lake Nasser with the help of Germany. It is considered to be largest free-standing temple to be moved after Abu Simbel.

Aswan Bazaar

The Aswan Bazzar (souk) is the busiest location in the city, located four blocks from the nile, it is filled with many colorful goods, Egyptian and Nubian goods. If you are looking for stylish and beautiful souvenirs then Thebazzar has a Varity goods in the best prices.


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