Get The Best Nepal Tour Operator in Mumbai to Enjoy to The Full

Nepal a country located amidst the Himalayas is a much sought after tourist spot not only by the Indians but also by people of other countries. Those holding Indian passport do not need a visa to travel to Nepal. But it is necessary to carry the passport. Foreigners can get the Nepal visa on arrival at the airport or even apply it online to avoid the queue. Your Nepal tour operator in Mumbai or elsewhere will have the details of the procedure so it would be prudent to take advice from the experts here.

When opting to tour Nepal you may have several choices in front of you. It is up to you pick yours. As you can go on a religious trip to visit the different temples here or just go sightseeing to view the scenic beauty of the mountains. Or you may also be interested in the Nepalese culture and would like to spend time in some of the cities to know the people there. Even the adventurers have a lot to do here and can have a jolly time coming to Nepal. You can have your package custom made according to what you wish to do during your trip to Nepal.

All of these are welcome to visit Nepal but make sure you pick a reputed Nepal tour operator in Mumbai or your town.This tour operator you choose will tell you that the best time to visit Nepal is from September to December for those who like the cool climate and from March to June for those who like the warm climate.

You can take a car on rent for a small group or a big van when the group comprises more people. Make sure you take the green plate vehicles which are for tourists only not to get entangled in some legal issues. If Pokhara is your destination you can take a flight from Kathmandu too or even travel by road to this place.

The best option would be travel by road as you get to see the stunning landscape and also get to visit some natural places along the road trip. Yes, if your interest is doing some adventurous activities while in Nepal you can always take the flight. It is up to you to decide what you wish to do and get your itinerary planned before hand when you book the trip via the Nepal tour operator in Mumbai.

It would be prudent to get the best tour operator for booking a trip to Nepal. One, he or she would have all the details of the place you are visiting. Two, they would be prompt in making the necessary bookings of hotels, flight tickets or even car or van rentals. The experts here will guide you well and will see to it that you face no trouble in a foreign land where you know no one. Getting stranded in an unknown land is the worst experience you can have. So to avoid all this it would good to go via the best tour operator in town and then you can enjoy to the full.


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