Essential travel accessories for your travel trip to India

Essential travel accessories for your travel trip to India

Before any travel trip, people get excited about their holidays. But beside the feeling of happiness and excitement there is a tension which is all about packing. Most of the person become troubled in what to take and what to leave, what is the exactly requirement of items and what is important to carry. For the easiness of every passenger, here we compile a list of basic items which is essential to carry when you are going out of station. Even we always available with cheap last minute flights in affordable rates, which you can book with us in case of any emergency.

Some Essential travel accessories are mentioned below. Have a look!

Medicines :
Either you are a medical patient or not, no matters. But if you are going out of station then you must have to carry some common medicines of cold, headache and fever etc and small first aid box too. And the patient must have to carry their daily medicine with the copy of prescription.


Clothes are essential to take but carry that one which you will going to wear.

  • The choice is totally depend on the weather and culture of the vacation destination.
  • Carry a empty bag for keeping dirt clothes
  • With many precautions, still clothes get wrinkles so try to take that clothes which are dark in color and won’t show wrinkles on it.
  • If the weather is normal then carry adequate clothes. Apart from this keep a set of warm clothes include shawl, cap, jacket (in case of rainy weather or cold at night)
  • Carry two sets of night wear. And keep pajamas and tops which you can wear for morning walk or breakfast.
  • Put mores sets of undergarments, as you are not able to wash while on vacations.

Passengers must have to carry few pair of shoes which are comfortable, like shoes or floaters. They can be worn with various kinds of dresses. And the best thing is that they are light to carry in the bag.


Don’t forget to carry eatables like candies, wafers, chocolates, biscuits and ready to eat foods. This will help you when hunger attacks at uneven hours. And don’t miss to carry a water bottle or you can carry juice bottle too.

Identity Proof:
Now a day, carry your identity proof become most important even on the vacations too. At hotels, and so many places there is a requirement of identity proof, otherwise you can hire a room on rent. Also in case of mishappening it will help to find out your family.

Identity proof must contain the name of the passenger, full residential address. This should be kept in inside and outside of bag. In case of lost and any emergency it will help in locating the bag owner.

You must have to take some basic essential items include tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, face wash, soap, shaving kit, body lotion, deodorants etc. And other depend on the climate of the destination include cold cream, sun screen etc.

Money and Cards:
Now a days, using of credit card and debit cards is normally used as compare to cash. That’s why it is every essential to carry more then one card, it will use in case of lost, damage or stuck in the ATM machine.

in case f any damage or lost during vacations, it is better to take photocopies of the important documents. And keep one set of copy at home.

Items for Entertainment:

At the time of travel at night, or stuck in the hotel because of bad weather condition. You should have some items which will amuse yourself. It includes books, magazines, tablets, headphones, memory card, pen drive.


Traveller must carry that kind of bag which is comfortable to carry which include a bag with wheels, a backpack, shoulder bag, etc. It is veryfavourable to put a small handbag while going for shopping& sightseeing in which you will carry your cards, cash, identity proofs and some eatables with bottle.

the last not least, camera is one of the important item which will relish your memories of holidays life long. By this you can take so many pictures, videos of the complete journey which will cherish you moments later.

These are some basic items which you must carry with your self via travel. Else you can update according to your requirements which will make your travel and vacations hassle free.

Description: Every traveller wants a hassle free travel and during planning of any vacation there is a thing which trouble them a lot that is packing. In this blog here are some essential basic items when you are going for a holiday or vacation.


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