Digha- the Hidden Sea Resort

Digha- the Hidden Sea Resort

Digha, one of the many gems in West Bengal, has evolved as a famous tourist spot over the years. A short drive (4 hours) from Kolkata, Digha is known for its picturesque beaches- the older one and the one which is known as New Digha. The road that connects both these points run parallel to the sea, past the bus stop, the post office, a science park, a marine aquarium and the Digha train station. It is one of those places which offers you that much needed break, away from city chaos. The peaceful and quiet Digha is a perfect choice for those who don’t want too many people around them.

You can plan a trip to Shankarpur, which is about 16 km from Digha, for some quiet beach moments- as the place does not have many visitors. The sunset and sunrise views from the beach is unmatched, so it’s better to plan your day accordingly. Another major attraction when you are here is the beautiful Mandarmani Beach, about 32 km from Shankarpur. This one is cleaner and the drive from Shankarpur to Mandarmani is going to be a memorable experience with lovely views all through the journey. Even though Digha is not a shopper’s paradise in its true sense, the place still has some good shops selling a variety of items- mostly local art and craft. You need to rev up your bargaining skills before you step out for shopping as most of the shopkeepers tend to have higher prices due to tourist rush. As for dining, Digha has many local eateries and in-house restaurants of hotels where you can treat your tastebuds to some delicious food. Do try the local preparations and you will surely want some more.

Some of the famous local attractions of this beach town are Marine Aquarium and Research Center (MARC) and Chandaneswar Temple. MARC was established in 1989 and has an interesting collection of marine life of the region. Chandaneswar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and attracts lots of devotees from every part of the country. Science Centre is another not to miss place as it offers interesting insights and runs many shows including Dinosaurs Show and Magic Shows among others. This one will be a good option for the kids with so much on display. The center has many advanced scientific gadgets and things including Mirror Effect, Periscope, BhulBhulaiya and Kaleidoscope and many more.

The beach town has many good stay options and you will find all kind of hotels in Digha. Some of the famous Digha hotels are The Palm Resort, Hotel Nest, Sea Hawk, Hotel SantiniketanDigha, Hotel Coral Digha and Cozzet Hotel Digha. All these properties have well-maintained rooms, prompt client service and a homely atmosphere for a memorable stay experience. The above listed options are some of the best hotels in Digha and it is recommended to have prior hotel bookings in Digha so that you enjoy a hassle-free vacation at this seaside resort.


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