5 Budget-Friendly Chicago Hotels

When it comes to major American cities to travel to on a budget, Chicago ranks as one of the top choices. There are a great many places to eat that won’t cause you do blow through your budget, plenty of activities that can be enjoyed for free or for a reasonable price, and great hotels to stay in that can be had at an affordable price. So if you are looking to visit a major city for an RV rental budget journey, then make sure Chicago is high on your wish list. If you make the right choice and book a trip to Chicago, then keep these budget friendly hotels in mind.

Inn of Chicago

Of all the many budget hotels in Chicago, this one has long been rated as one of the top choices. This boutique hotel is located right in the heart of downtown, putting you in a comfortable establishment located within short distance of all the attractions downtown has to offer, including the Magnificent Mile, Millenium Park, and Navy Pier, and Rush Street. Built in 1928,  The Inn offers large rooms and great amenities. There is a restaurant on sight that serves up terrific American cuisine as well for affordable rates.  When it comes to location, quality, and price, there’s just no competing with The Inn.

The River Hotel

If you’re looking for boutique luxury and a great location for an affordable price, then look no further than The River. This hotel is located in the section of the downtown close to the Riverwalk, Tribune Tower, and Millennium Park. The rooms here are some of the best you can get at a budget price and the amenities are known to be plentiful. Plus there is a highly rated restaurant on the ground floor serving up deep Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza. If you’re looking for great location and comfort, then the River is your affordable choice.

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn has long been known as a great budget choice, and here in Chicago it’s no different. The downtown Holiday Inn has a great location within walking distance of dozens of attractions and the rooms are known to be large, clean, and with great amenities. There is a rooftop pool here where you can cool off during those hot Chicago summer days, a fitness room, and each room has a flatscreen TV and a wide selection of movies and TV. If you’re weary from your RV rental trip then this comfortable and well equipped hotel will be a major relief.

Ambassador Chicago

This legendary hotel is a Chicago institution, and you won’t even believe that this is a budget establishment. The majestic view of Lake Michigan is worth it alone, and there are not one but two highly rated restaurants on the ground floor. The rooms are known to be very nice and most of them have a view, and the amenities are fantastic and include a large fitness center, soft linens and abundant room service, and when combined with the location you have the perfect hotel for your stay at a surprisingly affordable budget.

Warwick Allerton

This hotel has a luxury feel that will make you wonder why the rooms are so affordable. Centrally located and incredibly comfortable, this Chicago institution has a colorful history that dates all the way back to the 1920s jazz era. The vibe at this hotel is polished and classy, and overall this is just a fantastic and comfortable place to stay for your Chicago trip. The Warwick is right in the heart of the action and is walking distance to dozens of attractions, restaurants, and nightlife. When it comes to hotels that you wo’t believe are budget institutions, then the Warwick is definitely at the top.

Hotel Felix

This eco friendly boutique hotel is located right in the River North neighborhood which is populated with bars, galleries, restaurants, and shops, and it is known to have surprisingly affordable rooms. These rooms have sweeping views, are clean and well equipped, and the hotel has a variety of amenities including fitness centers, room service, and concierge. You won’t believe you’re in a budget hotel when staying at the Felix, so definitely keep this much loved hotel right on your list.

For anyone looking to explore an exciting, culturally colorful, and lively city on a budget RV rental journey, then look no further than Chicago. Not only is this metropolitan city packed with things to do and see within its limits, but it is also incredibly affordable when compared to cities of similar size. Unlike the other major American cities Chicago has a plethora of cheap but quality budget hotels to stay in that will allow you to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer without causing you to go over your budget.

How To Get Cheap Car Rental In Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Every year hundreds of thousands of people travel to the US through Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Of these a large percentage are tourists and businessmen/women requiring car rental. But it is easy to be overcharged by car rental companies that prey on people who don’t know the local currency or normal rental prices in the area. These are a few steps to allow you to get the cheapest car rental in Dallas-Fort Worth airport:

Book ahead

The first tip I would suggest is to always book ahead. Not only are you more likely to get deals and better prices it will give you an idea of what local prices are. Research beforehand can save you a lot of money in the long run

Book away from the airport

Car rental companies know their market. Premiums are added to rental prices at airports as demand is highest there. It is normally cheaper to book with a company offside. Dallas-Fort Worth airport is not far from the city where prices will be lower

Skip car insurance, if possible

Now car insurance is always a necessity when driving in the US. But you may find that your insurance company back home covers you when driving rental cars, so give them a call or check your policy.

Car rental comparison websites

Companies such as Expedia and 14Cars.com offer car rental comparison websites that will look for the best deals for you. 14Cars.com even offers additional discounts and special offers for young drivers.

Use discount codes

Many people looking to rent will be travelling for business. Some of the larger rental companies (enterprise for example) will offer discounts for businesses. Your company may already have a go to Rental Company that they get discounts so check with your trip organizers first. Students also get discounts and members of certain car insurance companies too.

Air ticket deals

There are various airlines that run into Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Check before you buy your air ticket to see if any offer air ticket and car rental together as this will normally be cheaper.

Refundable bookings

Refundable booking give you much greater flexibility. You can book the first good deal that you find, and then if you find a better one just cancel it! Most car rental companies offer this.

Economical cars

If you are renting for long periods, or travelling long distance, you’re likely to go through a fair bit of fuel. Companies are starting to list car statistics online, including fuel consumption. This can save you a great deal with modern fuel prices.

Use one driver

It can be a pain being the only person to be doing all the driving. But if you’re looking to save money having only one person on the rental agreement can save you at least 25% if not more.


Remember car rental agents will always try and get you to pay for the highest rental possible. Do you really need that GPS, breakdown cover or map of the local area? Certainly things like GPS and maps can be done using most of today’s phones.

So there you have it. Use these tips and you should always be able to find the cheapest car rental for you. There is no excuse for getting overcharged now! Enjoy your stay in Dallas.

Best Ideas to Spend Time in Portugal

Portugal is a unique country, having almost nothing similar to its closest neighbor, Spain. It can become a revelation even for the most experienced traveler. What to do in this country if you come here for the first time?

Rent a car

It is not difficult to rent a car in Portugal. The majority of tourist choose Avis car rental in Lisbon airport. To hire a certain car, you must have a driving experience of 2 years and show a credit card or leave a deposit. The minimum age for hire is 21 years. To rent a car of class 4X4 or exotic one can be persons who have reached 25 years. You can pay for a rental with Visa, American Express or Mastercard or by cash. The customer makes a prepayment anyway. In addition, a deposit is blocked on the card. Depending on the class of the car, the amount of the deposit is from 750 to 1500 dollars. This is a mandatory rental condition of Avis Company.

Relax on magnificent beaches

For lovers of beach holidays Portugal has the beaches for every taste. There are sandy, pebbly and rocky beaches, even wild ones. It is generally believed that the most beautiful beaches in Portugal are in Algarve. Tourists as well as locals choose Praia de Rosa, considering it to be the best of all. No less pleasant rest can be found on the Lisbon Riviera. Besides, from here you can easily reach the most famous sights and explore the country using car rental. In addition, you can do active sports like surfing, windsurfing, kiting, diving, snorkeling, sailing and motorized boat trips and many others.

Get acquainted with past times

On the territory of Portugal, many villages with medieval color are preserved. One of the most popular among tourists is Obidos. Now it is a city museum, located about 100 km north of Lisbon. On the example of Obidos you can get acquainted with the life of a medieval settlement. The castle often hosts knight tournaments and medieval festivals, and in November, the Chocolate Festival takes place. You will see the Masonic castle with a delightful park. A special attention deserves the local “Well of Initiation”, which is a spiral gallery that goes deep into the earth, the swings of which symbolize the circles of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise from the Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.

Taste of local dishes in Portugal

Portuguese cuisine pleases with hearty and varied dishes from meat, fish and vegetables, but still fish cooking is its main direction. Chefs of the country know more than 300 ways of cooking cod; they know how to cook a lot of dishes from sardines, mackerel, perch and trout. The most famous delicacy is the swordfish prepared in dozens of ways. We recommend you to try the cataplane, green soup kaldeverde, pork in Alentejan style stewed with shrimps or shells. An excellent addition to any restaurant dish will be a glass of fine wine. Local fastfood – sandwiches francesina and the best dessert is pastyishcakes.

Feel yourself Gulliver

Rent a car in Lisbon airport and go to the park Portugal in miniature – with the skillful handling of the camera’s lens, your friends will not notice the difference in the size of the buildings. But seriously, this place is just a paradise for children and a real mystery for adults, because here you can run everywhere, climb houses and imagine yourself a giant. Moreover, for the little princesses here there is a Barbie museum with more than 200 dolls in historical and national dresses.