Best Ideas to Spend Time in Portugal

Best Ideas to Spend Time in Portugal

Portugal is a unique country, having almost nothing similar to its closest neighbor, Spain. It can become a revelation even for the most experienced traveler. What to do in this country if you come here for the first time?

Rent a car

It is not difficult to rent a car in Portugal. The majority of tourist choose Avis car rental in Lisbon airport. To hire a certain car, you must have a driving experience of 2 years and show a credit card or leave a deposit. The minimum age for hire is 21 years. To rent a car of class 4X4 or exotic one can be persons who have reached 25 years. You can pay for a rental with Visa, American Express or Mastercard or by cash. The customer makes a prepayment anyway. In addition, a deposit is blocked on the card. Depending on the class of the car, the amount of the deposit is from 750 to 1500 dollars. This is a mandatory rental condition of Avis Company.

Relax on magnificent beaches

For lovers of beach holidays Portugal has the beaches for every taste. There are sandy, pebbly and rocky beaches, even wild ones. It is generally believed that the most beautiful beaches in Portugal are in Algarve. Tourists as well as locals choose Praia de Rosa, considering it to be the best of all. No less pleasant rest can be found on the Lisbon Riviera. Besides, from here you can easily reach the most famous sights and explore the country using car rental. In addition, you can do active sports like surfing, windsurfing, kiting, diving, snorkeling, sailing and motorized boat trips and many others.

Get acquainted with past times

On the territory of Portugal, many villages with medieval color are preserved. One of the most popular among tourists is Obidos. Now it is a city museum, located about 100 km north of Lisbon. On the example of Obidos you can get acquainted with the life of a medieval settlement. The castle often hosts knight tournaments and medieval festivals, and in November, the Chocolate Festival takes place. You will see the Masonic castle with a delightful park. A special attention deserves the local “Well of Initiation”, which is a spiral gallery that goes deep into the earth, the swings of which symbolize the circles of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise from the Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.

Taste of local dishes in Portugal

Portuguese cuisine pleases with hearty and varied dishes from meat, fish and vegetables, but still fish cooking is its main direction. Chefs of the country know more than 300 ways of cooking cod; they know how to cook a lot of dishes from sardines, mackerel, perch and trout. The most famous delicacy is the swordfish prepared in dozens of ways. We recommend you to try the cataplane, green soup kaldeverde, pork in Alentejan style stewed with shrimps or shells. An excellent addition to any restaurant dish will be a glass of fine wine. Local fastfood – sandwiches francesina and the best dessert is pastyishcakes.

Feel yourself Gulliver

Rent a car in Lisbon airport and go to the park Portugal in miniature – with the skillful handling of the camera’s lens, your friends will not notice the difference in the size of the buildings. But seriously, this place is just a paradise for children and a real mystery for adults, because here you can run everywhere, climb houses and imagine yourself a giant. Moreover, for the little princesses here there is a Barbie museum with more than 200 dolls in historical and national dresses.


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