6 Types of Divers – Which Group would you say you are in?

6 Types of Divers – Which Group would you say you are in?

Have you at any point solicited yourself “What kind from diver am I?” We did, and this article needs to be a clever method to separate us in various gatherings. Read the different portrayals and after that write in the remarks, which gather fits, you best. Try not to consider it excessively important obviously 😉 You should understand if you are taking experience of Scuba diving in Tulum

The profound diver

The blue is the thing that intrigues you, you are generally the first to begin the drop and the first to wind up in a sorry situation. In shallow dives you generally trust you had taken with you a scoop to burrow somewhat more profound. Narcosis resembles a medication for you, it doesn’t startle you, you require it! Your optimal diving bend is around the 0 minutes to the no decompression time.

The tech diver

You have a scientific personality. You’re most likely the main diver who likes tables and decompression hypothesis. You read every one of the articles you find on the contention, keeping refreshed. Notwithstanding while doing recreational dives, you get a kick out of the chance to flaunt your pinnacle execution wing bcd and your DIR setup. You consider diving important and, we should let it out, belittling a bit the recreational divers.

The device diver

The part you most like of your scuba equip is with no uncertainty your dive PC. You have the best one! Is the span of an iPad, it has a compass, maps and perhaps additionally a few recreations if there should arise an occurrence of exhausting deco-stops.

The picture taker

The gear you take submerged might look misrepresented to another diver however you do know how to deal with it. Between the dives you spend your surface interim looking at on the off chance that you at last got the following National Geographic cover pictures. At first individuals showoff you a bit, however later they are surrounding you to see your photos!

The videographer

You’re the Tarantino of the water, when you move submerged you make more light than a submarine and a few divers get frightened when they see you leaving a buckle. You transform a night dive into multi day dive and visually impaired all the fish in 5 meter sweep with the goal that your kindred divers can see them from far away and have a nearby when they arrive.


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