5 US Road Trips You Should Take In November

The fall is a special time of year when the American roadways are full of unique sights, crisp air, and many different varied regions ripe for exploring. For any traveler looking to hit the road during November, there are a variety of regions that are perfect for exploring at this time of year that many travelers set out in their camper rentals to enjoy. If you have some time in November and are looking to take a road trip, then check out these great places to visit during this special month.

New England

In the summers and falls, hundreds of travelers load up their campers and make for the unique and wondrous expanse of New England. Encompassing a wide range of states from New York to Maine, New England is one of the most diverse areas in the country offering an incredibly wide range of sights and experiences. This area is particularly gorgeous in the fall when the leaves turn on the trees, and is simply stunning in the golden summers. Heavy pine forests, lake regions, mountain ranges, meadows, and dozens of quant towns dot this landscape, making for the perfect extended road trip adventure. You can drive in any direction and be sure to come across a region, town, or activity that will catch your fancy. Even in the winter this area can be inviting, offering top rate skiing opportunities and a cozy vibe. Just make sure to pack plenty of warm clothes and prepare for bad weather should you hit up New England in the winter months.

The Pacific Northwest

You make a mistake if you think of the Pacific Northwest as a rainy, gloomy destination. As a matter of fact, this area offers all of the perfect ingredients needed for an epic road trip. First off you have terrific scenery and a truly unique terrain unmatched by any other location in the country. The miles of undeveloped coastline are a beautiful thing to behold, as are the vast forests and impressive mountain ranges. You also have two of the most lively and hip cities in the nation, Portland and Seattle, making for the perfect cross section of urban charms and rustic bliss. Plus, this region is known to have its own unique feel in fall and early winter. If you haven’t thought about the Northwest for your road trip then you should definitely think again.


Located right in the heart of the American south, Louisiana offers an interesting cross section of scenery and activities. On one hand you have the swampy interior of the state which makes for very interesting road tripping, and on the other you have the crown jewel city of New Orleans which is completely unique in its culture. This best-of-both-worlds mix has attracted plenty of RVers over the years and may be just right for a fun-filled journey for you and your family or traveling companions. In the fall and early winter this region is much less hot and swampy as well, making it the perfect time to go.


If a temperate climate, miles of amazing beaches, and lots of unique outdoor activities sound good to you for a road trip, then never forget about sunny Florida in the south. Here you have not one but two coastlines to enjoy, a plethora of inviting cities and towns to visit, and an incredibly diverse range of activities to partake in ranging from water sports to hiking. One of the most impressive aspects of Florida is the diverse range of terrain, spanning from the swamps of the Everglades to stunning coastline to pine forests. Culturally, Florida also has a lot to offer, with major metropolises such as Miami and Tampa offering urban action and large stretches of rural landscape giving the opportunity for rustic reflection. There is a reason that Florida has long been on the top of American travelers’ bucket lists for camper rentals journeys, and if the early winter chill is getting you down then this could be your place.

Las Vega

By far one of the top RV rentals destinations for fall road trips in America is the legendary city of Las Vegas. There are many reasons this Nevada desert city attracts thousands of visitors per year, and the diverse amount of activities and sights on hand are enough to keep many visitors coming back for multiple visits year-on-year. Whether you’re an experienced road tripper or new to the hobby and you haven’t placed Vegas near the top of your to-do list, then you should check out the below top five reasons to visit. You just can’t go wrong steering your camper in the direction of Vegas.

The fall is a special time for travelers to take to the road in their camper rentals, and there are many unique destinations across the US that are perfect for this season.


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