The Best Italian Food in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to the biggest and the best shows and it is no different for the food. With world-renowned chefs opening up dining all over the city and surrounding areas it can be hard to weed through and find which one is actually the best. After years of scouring the city for the absolute best Italian restaurant in Vegas, we’ve finally found the gem!


Freshness is tantamount at Bottiglia, from the luscious herb-friendly cuisine to the breathtaking ambiance. Bottiglia is an ageless restaurant that offers sophisticated rustic Italian fare that is approachable, friendly and savory.


You can see this mantra rings true as soon as you step into the doors. You enter the restaurant through the Green Valley Ranch Hotel Just South of Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada. The ambiance here is simply remarkable. The decor features refreshing neutral tones with crisp pops of color throughout. This provides a dining experience unique for the area that is usually filled with neon lights and overwhelming color schemes.

The restaurant also has a large patio where you can enjoy your meal in the fresh, warm air of Nevada. On the patio, you can enjoy comfortable seating in a picturesque setting. Following with the fresh colors and natural vibe of the decor the patio is also surrounded by plenty of greenery giving you the impression of dining in a garden in Tuscany. On those cozy nights, there is also a feature fireplace to enjoy. There is just so much this restaurant has to offer and we’ve only gotten to the decor!

The Menu

The Best Italian Food in Las Vegas

The real star of the show is the food. This fabulous kitchen churns out Tuscan-style food under the direction of acclaimed Chef Brian Massie. Chef Massie has created a menu of several unique dishes that treat their patrons to a true taste adventure. One of their most amazing offerings is the king crab bucatini. Featuring fresh crab, zucchini and roasted tomatoes atop a mountain of delicious bucatini pasta.

If seafood is not your favorite, try the wood-grilled ‘Wagyu New York’. The sauce that is paired with the Wagyu has a unique and distinctive flavor that sings without overpowering the already delicious steak. Another great menu item is the house specialty, the decadent pappardelle bolognese. This dish showcases the combination of braised short ribs, truffle ricotta, and piquillo pepper gravy.

Bottiglia also serves up their own inspired takes on some of the simplest Italian dishes such as spaghetti and meatballs and turns them into extraordinary culinary experiences.


We can’t forget about the wine list that is robust and unique, giving guests an array of choices from Napa/Sonoma, Italy, France, Argentina and more. If you usually enjoy a great glass of wine at dinner mix it up and order their sangria blanco. They offer it by the glass or by the pitcher and we HIGHLY recommend getting the pitcher. This drink is crisp with a beautiful marriage of flavors. The peaches, lemons and chardonnay tea pair so well with the white wine and vermouth making a remarkable drink.


A meal at Bottiglia wouldn’t be complete without one of their desserts. Strawberry panna cotta with lemon thyme pound cake or the lemon poppy seed donuts with blueberry sauce are just two of the more popular options. They even have a delicious vegan chocolate-coconut pudding, layered with flavors and was most certainly not done as an afterthought.

Panache and Style

You can see the intense thought and effort that goes into every item on Bottiglia’s menu. Nothing is ever made subpar in their kitchen as Chef Massie and his team members strive to create a unique and memorable meal for each guest that visits.

Not only does Bottiglia boast their delicious menu and setting, but they also offer a variety of experiences and deals to choose from. If you are trying to woo your date on a Friday night, Bottiglia has live music after 7 pm. Every week they feature a different artist to serenade you through your meal.

Perhaps you are looking for a classy brunch option. Every Sunday, Bottiglia hosts their brunch from 10 AM – 3 PM. With $18 bottomless mimosas and brunch items like lobster benedict and corned beef hash topped with poached eggs, this is an event you will not want to miss. Senior Sundays, half priced wine bottles and one dollar oysters are a few more of their calendar that is packed with events. Be sure to check their events page for other seasonal experiences.

Have a special event coming up? What better place to host it than Bottiglia. They have a lovely private dining room that can hold up to 26 people. The dining room also features an attached private patio. Host your next event at this Henderson Italian Restaurant will give you the opportunity to impress your guests with little to no effort. The kitchen team at Bottiglia can work with you to create a wonderful menu for any event.

When it comes to private dining, brunch, or a romantic date Bottiglia is always the right choice. The next time you are in the Las Vegas area, be sure to head over to the Green Valley Ranch for a meal you will never forget!

Rushing Passport in USA – Some Tips and Suggestions

The importance of US passport was never undermined. However, with each passing day, the passport carries immense value not only for international traveling but also for establishing identity and nationality of an US citizen. This is the reason that the numbers of passport application have increased rapidly over the years as everyone is in a hurry of acquiring one.

How to get a passport – this is probably the most common question that comes up when one looks for a new passport. If you have ample time in your hand, you can go through the normal process of applying for passport. After the process of application is complete, it will take few weeks for the passport to be processed. However, if you are in hurry, you will need to avail expedited services for getting the passport in the shortest possible time. There are services where you can get the passport within the same day of application.

Cases when expedited passport services are needed

As mentioned above, there are many a times when you do not have much time in hand for acquiring a passport and you need the same at the soonest. This might also stand applicable for passport renewal. Situations where expedited services might be needed will vary from one individual to another. Enlisted below are some such situations:

  • When you need foreign visa in 4 weeks – You might need using expedited passport services if you have a trip to some foreign country in a short period of time. With the expedited passport service, you will have the document in your hands and you can apply for the visa without any kind of hassle. Getting a visa usually takes about 2 weeks and if you have a month left in your hand before departure date, you still have 15 days in your hands. Thus, you can have the passport as well as the visa well in time for your journey.
  • You might need the passport right now–There are many instances in life which can be termed as acute emergency situations. And you might need a passport immediately for the same. It might happen that someone is critically ill and you have to travel internationally immediately. You will need a passport for that. A death in the family might also be a reason for immediate travel. Arrange in a way so that you can get the passport at the soonest.
  • When there is need of passport in less than 6 weeks–If you go by routine way of applying for a new passport, it might take up to 6 weeks for the passport to come. However, it might happen that you need the passport in an emergency before a period of six weeks and in that case you have to avail expedited services. You might not be in great hurry, but again waiting for more than 6 weeks might be too much for you.

Reasons why passport expeditor is a good option

Many people think that getting a passport quickly is the only reason why people look for expedited passport services. Though this is the main reason, there are many other reasons behind availing these services. It has been seen that in USA, if you expedite your passport via a registered passport agency, the costing would be less than double of what the government charges for issuing a passport via the normal method.

However, the charges of expeditors vary from one another. If you are in real hurry of getting the passport, you might end up paying more charges for the services. Some other reasons are also enlisted below:

  • Personalized services are offered by most passport expediting agencies
  • Long delays in getting passport can be averted successfully with the help of these agencies
  • Though the charges of the agencies might be little more, yet they seem to be cost-effective when thought of many other aspects
  • These agencies help in freeing up lot of your time as they handle lots of things on their own

Choose a reliable agency for expedited passport services and get your passport well in time.

How to plan a budget-friendly road trip for your holiday

Are you tired of your daily routine? If the answer is yes, well then it’s time to refresh yourself with a holiday.  Many people postpone vacations simply because of the fear of expenses.  But going on a trip doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Looking for cheap packages online is the usual way. But just in case you don’t find any deals on airfare, don’t get disheartened. There is another option for you to consider: plan a road trip. Swap plane tickets for a ferry ticket. Now you only need to buy one!

All you need to do is get into a car and take a road trip. With so many beautiful sites in and around, your options can belimitless.  Whether you decide on a trip alone or with family and friends, you will enjoy your holiday. Ultimately, the drive is just as important as the locations. After all, every aspect of the vacation should be memorable.

Now arm yourself with the knowledge of how to have fun within the boundary of your savings.

Need some tips to plan a budget-friendly family getaway with the kids?

  1. Set a budget

Travel to a non-expensive destination, to keep it simple. Once you know your budget, scour the internet for last-minute savings via reputable websites. It may not be the right time for an international trip just yet. Plus, it may too hectic managing the kids on a safari or globe-trotting adventure. There are several favorite tourist attractions in many countries that you can visit. If you’re flexible about timing and opportunistic about great deals, focus on where the family wants to vacation. Remember to set a budget that fits within your means.

  1. Select the right mode of transportation

But before you start packing your car with all the vacation essentials, ask yourself, What is my car worth? Road trips can rack up mileage and routine maintenance – as well as expose it to some harsh elements. If you’re planning a ride through the mountains, will your luxury car survive the rough terrain?

Consider getting your car evaluated to get an idea of where your vehicle currently stands in the market. If a road trip considerably devalues that number, think about renting an automobile. Then again, remember to read the fine print when you sign the rental agreement.

Plus, if your set of wheels won’t be able to withstand a lengthy journey, don’t bother thinking about beginning a trip with it. Traveling in comfort and stress-free is the ideal way to start any holiday.

  1. Watch the pennies

Look for ways to save every cent you can. Search for routes that don’t have tolls. You’d be surprised how quickly these can add up. And it may be better to have some healthy snacks at hand, especially if you’re headed for a ferry ride. Many times, meals on board are overpriced. And handling hungry kids can be a nightmare. It may be a good idea to pack your gas stove or grill as well. Preparing a few basic meals, such as eggs for breakfast while you watch the sunrise over the horizon, could really make it unforgettable. But if that’s too much for you, take-away and street food is your best option.

  1. Plan the time

If you’re looking for a substantial bargain, do not go on vacation when everyone else is, this means, during the summer or winter breaks. Going on a holiday during the off-season is the easiest way to get the cheapest hotel rates. It’s perfect for families that don’t have kids in school. And the plus point of traveling with the young ones is that they need very little to spark their imagination.They have lower entertainment standards than teenagers do. A stick, shovel, and pail on the beach are enough to keep them occupied in the sand for hours. Heck, it’s enough to keep you busy as well!

  1. Skip five-star hotels

There’s no shame in looking for economical accommodation. When you’re managing a budget, there’s bound to be compromises along the way. A simple way to save is to book ahead of time in budget hotel chains or hostels instead of a five-star suite. Watch for discounts. Sometimes, you can rent an apartment for an extended stay. Amenities such as kitchen and laundry room further cut expenses. If you plan a road trip with another family, then you may be able to split the cost.

And if your family is the adventurous type, why not go camping? Pitch a tent and explore what the great outdoors have to offer.

  1. Things to see and do

Have a backup plan full of activities for the kids. Make a list of the must-visit tourist attractions of your chosen destination and the best free (or next-to-free) things to do there. This should include zoos, museums, libraries, festivals, free concerts, etc. Check the local tour guide to get a better idea of what is available at that time of the year when you are traveling.

Well, it looks like you’re all set to go. But hang on, you’ve forgotten the most significant thing- check the car’s condition. One way to manage a budget is to prevent unforeseen circumstances. Make sure your automobile is fit for travel. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you begin your road trip:

  1. Save on gas expenses by making sure that the tires are appropriately inflated. Even slightly deflated ones can ruin your gas mileage. Travel light because the heavier the car gets, the more petrol it consumes.
  2. Do a general check-up of the vehicle, including the battery, fluid levels, wiper blades, and lights.
  3. You don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road with your family. Make sure that the spare tire is in excellent condition and the equipment for changing it is in the trunk. The last thing you need is to blow your budget by calling roadside assistance. While you’re at it, keep a first aid kit, blanket, non-perishable items, water, the jumper cables, road flares, reflectors, and a flashlight with extra batteries.

Now it’s time to hit the road!

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